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About us

Grup Escribà Restauració

Sharing common goals, the team of individuals comprising Grup Escribà coordinates efforts to provide the most satisfying experiences. To achieve this, our sustainable development goals and corporate social responsibility values materialize in a constant evolution that allows us to progress in doing good.

Our pillars on this journey are:

Despite being a small company, the continuous growth both in the number of people working on this project and in customers who enjoy that work is truly the endorsement of the fulfillment of our goals and objectives.

We love being able to share our passion for gastronomy with you not only in our restaurants, and that's why we are present at such relevant events for Gastronomy and Tourism as:

We also participate in and adhere to other initiatives related to our activity:

And we cannot fail to get involved in other activities that reflect our values:

All in all, with the aim of promoting the value of the Grup Escribà brand and those who participate in our group in one way or another.

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